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How to organize a memorable picnic?

When the weather permits, it's nice to spend some time with your loved ones outside! To change the traditional terrace, why not opt this time for a picnic? For it to be perfect, some details are not to neglect. So we give you our tips for a moment at the top!

Beforehand, think about establishing a list that will summarize all the things you will need : crockery, cutlery, tumblers, tablecloth, napkins, cooler, Swiss army knife, bottle opener and corkscrew, etc.

Better to proceed in this way because when the time comes, and especially if you act in haste, you may forget some essentials.  

The day before your picnic, remember to check the weather forecast : if it rains or the weather is too windy, any exit is obviously excluded.

Essential for a pleasant day

If you do not have a cooler , do not buy one on purpose: an insulated bag , in which you will dive frozen water bottles, will do the trick.

To be installed comfortably, plan a tablecloth or a plaid whose dimensions are quite wide, as well as cushions.

Do not forget to bring sunscreen and a hat or cap: it would indeed be unpleasant this moment be spoiled by a sunburn or sunstroke.

Also embark on something to do after the meal, as napping is not the only option: Frisbee , balloons , rackets and shuttlecocks for a game of badminton, card games , etc.

Food side

This is obviously what is essential for a picnic! Do not break your head, a key word: provide easily transportable preparations!

So go in the confection (or go to the supermarket, shop or caterer of your choice) quiches , pizzas , sandwiches , sweet and savory pies , muffins , brownies , etc.

Think also about raw vegetables and salads , not to mention salad dressing and sauces. By cons, do not embellish your vegetables at the time of tasting, so that they retain their freshness and crunchy texture. 

Do not forget the bread and fruits , as well as chips and other peanuts to enjoy as an aperitif.

In order to be able to route everything without too much difficulty to the place you have chosen, place the food in small boxes, which you will then slide into the cooler so as not to break the cold chain.

Do the same for drinks , drop them in your ice-filled container. Do you like to finish your meal with coffee or tea ? Prepare them in advance and take them in thermos.

And the dishes?

We do not leave obviously his porcelain service! We prefer disposable and biodegradable plates and cutlery . It is also thought to bring trash bags, so you can throw everything: the goal is indeed not to pollute and pollute the place in which you spent so much time.